Phlebetomi Chair Electric HANO-1303


phlebetomi chair elektrik hano1303

Product Specification

Kode : HANO-1303
Construction : Steel Hollow, Pipe, Plate, Iron as, Stainless steel pipe, PVC
Material : Steel
Matrass : Matrass foam rebonded covered with vinyl
Retaining arms : Made of stainless steel
Finishing : Epoxy powder coating and Polished
Footwear : Made from rubber
Max Load : 150 kg
Size : L 75 x W 75 x H 115 cm
Movers : Actuator 4000N ; 24V ; 3.8A
Movement Control : Hand Controller
Note :
The slope of the rear backrest and footrest can be adjusted front
The sides are supporting hand side barrier as well


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